PRHE paper wins ES&T “Best Paper Award for Environmental Science”

This is a first for PRHE!

One of our papers received a 2022 “Best Paper Award for Environmental Science” from the journal Environmental Science & Technology, ES&T.

The honor was especially poignant as the editors reflected on the landscape that scientists – and everyone – is working under:

“Facing the COVID pandemic, war, political conflict, environmental catastrophe, a mental health epidemic, and other challenges, society has had to figure out how to cope; how to survive…and while not everyone in the world is touched equally, everyone is impacted somehow, often having to deal with painful circumstances we could not have imagined five years ago. Nevertheless, we persisted.”

In an ES&T editorial explaining the awards, the editors said they looked for papers that demonstrated: “creativity, rigor, insight, novelty … [and] relevance. Relevance to particular emerging pollutants, contaminants, policies…can be one important factor in making this determination.

They also said the Best Papers were “special” for:

…unique brilliance in presenting some of the best novel, impactful new research but also something more, the resilience, determination, and humanity of the ES&T community.

The three joint winners are:

  1. In Vivo Formation of HgSe Nanoparticles and Hg–Tetraselenolate Complex from Methylmercury in Seabirds─Implications for the Hg–Se Antagonism. Alain Manceau, Anne-Claire Gaillot, Pieter Glatzel, Yves Cherel, and Paco Bustamante.
  2. Suspect Screening, Prioritization, and Confirmation of Environmental Chemicals in Maternal-Newborn Pairs from San Francisco. Aolin Wang, Dimitri Panagopoulos Abrahamsson, Ting Jiang, Miaomiao Wang, Rachel Morello-Frosch, June-Soo Park, Marina Sirota, and Tracey J. Woodruff.
  3. Chemical Characterization of Recycled Consumer Products Using Suspect Screening Analysis. Charles N. Lowe, Katherine A. Phillips, Kristin A. Favela, Alice Y. Yau, John F. Wambaugh, Jon R. Sobus, Antony J. Williams, Ashley J. Pfirrman, and Kristin K. Isaacs.

We congratulate the authors of PRHE’s paper as well as the authors of the other winning papers. This is an extraordinary honor, and we are beyond thrilled.

To read ES&T’s full editorial and issue highlighting the “Best Paper Awards” check out: