What the science says: how EPA matters to children’s health

Our April 2017 legislative briefing “What the Science Says: How EPA Matters to Children’s Health,” held in partnership with the Children’s Environmental Health Network, was attended by over 90 people including Congressional staff, EPA, media and NGOs. Leading scientists presented compelling data on how environmental protections affect children’s health. We developed the infographics and social media outreach materials below to summarize the science linking environmental health and children’s health — please feel free to use and share!

The briefing explored the latest science on how environmental protections (air, water, chemicals) affect children’s health; reviewed current policy proposals related to the EPA and what they mean for scientific research and children’s future health and development; and examined the benefits and costs of EPA regulations and programs that have been targeted for removal.


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What the Science Says: EPA and Children’s Health
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What the Science Says: EPA and Toxic Chemicals
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What the Science Says: EPA and the Economy
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Like Clean Air?
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Like Clean Water?
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Like Healthy Kids?
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